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Our main focus is "Community". Strong communities can alleviate many of the problems we currently see in society. We know strong families produce strong communities, who in-turn demand strong schools which lead to a stronger, better education for our children. Join us!

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In a country where freedom of expression is valued, one would think that openly expressing political affiliation or endorsing a political candidate wouldn’t cause contention amongst peers.

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Pastor Tony Evans has a plan to reduce abortions and help women

In recent years, those in the black community who are Republicans or support Republican candidates have been condemned and looked upon as a traders, sell-outs, or Uncle Toms.  In a country that prides itself on individualism and free thinking, hostile acts or verbal abuse towards someone for opposite political views should not be happening in today’s America.  Liberal pundits on 24- hour news’ channels force the groupthink mentality, which is detrimental to the black community. We are being forced into the groupthink mode. Furthermore, that kind of rhetoric and groupthink suppresses democracy, and stifles the right of free thought. Two facts you should always remember, the Republicans freed the slaves, and the KKK was founded by the Democrats. Read More...