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Conway on Media on Trump Visit to Russia

Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to American democracy and its way of life that exists today. It has become one of the most dangerous problems our great country has ever had to face.

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Illegal Immigration and its Impact on America by Dr. Donna Briggins

Our very survival and way of life is under assault, and congress inaction and apathy has exacerbated the problem. It is vital that it be stopped and should be placed at the top of the congress to-do-list. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored this issue for far too long.
The national discussion around illegal immigration seems to go nowhere. President Trump campaigned on illegal immigration, and he shows no sign of receding from this issue. He has been the only president to advocate both legislation and practical solutions to deal with this

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Our main focus is "Community". Strong communities can alleviate many of the problems we currently see in society. We know strong families produce strong communities, who in-turn demand strong schools which lead to a stronger, better education for our children. Join us!

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