Welfare Reform

  1. Alabama Works! - Alabama
  2. Indeed.com - Alabama
  3. Monsters.com - Alabama
  4. Parenting 101
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Criminal Justice Reform

  1. New Start: Tips from an ex-offender
  2. Self - Determination
  3. Driver's License - Alabama
  4. Birth Certificate - Alabama
  5. Social Security Card - Alabama
  6. Jobsthathirefelons.org - Advice Tool
  7. State Employment Board License/Certificate - Parole Board 
    NOTE: The applicant should indicate if they are only interested in voting rights or both voting rights and a pardon. If the applicant is interested in a pardon, he/she should indicate if he/she needs a misdemeanor pardoned for purposes of obtaining a license (such as bonding or nursing, etc). If this is not indicated, it will be assumed that the applicant is only interested in having felony convictions pardoned.
  8. Voter Registration - Alabama
  9. Fatherhood 
  10. Offender Alumni Association - Birmingham

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