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Why I Am A Republican by Elbert Guillory

Modern Day Slavery

by Dr. Donna Briggins

Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to American democracy and its way of life that exists
today. It has become one of the most dangerous problems our great country has ever had to face.
Our very survival and way of life is under assault, and congress inaction and apathy has
exacerbated the problem. It is vital that it be stopped and should be placed at the top of the
congress to-do-list. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored this issue for far too long.
The national discussion around illegal immigration seems to go nowhere. President Trump
campaigned on illegal immigration, and he shows no sign of receding from this issue. He has
been the only president to advocate both legislation and practical solutions to deal with this
problem. He believes in immigration based on merit, an end to chain migration, and a physical
barrier to increase security along the Southern border. These are doable and practical solutions
that are needed so that we can gain control of our border, and stop the massive influx of illegal
aliens coming into the country.Type your paragraph here.

Type your paragrIn a country where freedom of expression is valued, one would think that openly expressing political affiliation or endorsing a political candidate wouldn’t cause contention amongst peers.  In recent years, those in the black community who are Republicans or support Republican candidates have been condemned and looked upon as a traders, sell-outs, or Uncle Toms.  In a country that prides itself on individualism and free thinking, hostile acts or verbal abuse towards someone for opposite political views should not be happening in today’s America.  Liberal pundits on 24- hour news’ channels force the groupthink mentality, which is detrimental to the black community. We are being forced into the groupthink mode. Furthermore, that kind of rhetoric and groupthink suppresses democracy, and stifles the right of free thought. Two facts you should always remember, the Republicans freed the slaves, and the KKK was founded by the Democrats. The belief that the African American should remain loyal to the Democratic Party is wrong, misleading, and holds them back psychologically, financially, and socially.aph here.

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Dr. Donna Briggins currently works as a substance abuse counselor/life coach. She earned her Ph.D. in international affairs and development with a focus on gender and leadership development from Clark Atlanta University. She is an advocate of women’s leadership and empowerment and is currently working on her first book. For speaking engagements or workshops, please contact dbriggins4@gmail.com

Illegal Immigration and its Impact on America

by Dr. Donna Briggins

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