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Illegal Immigration 

Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to American democracy and its way of life that exists
today. It has become one of the most dangerous problems our great country has ever had to face.
Our very survival and way of life is under assault, and congress inaction and apathy has
exacerbated the problem. It is vital that it be stopped and should be placed at the top of the
congress to-do-list. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored this issue for far too long.
The national discussion around illegal immigration seems to go nowhere. President Trump
campaigned on illegal immigration, and he shows no sign of receding from this issue. He has
been the only president to advocate both legislation and practical solutions to deal with this
problem. He believes in immigration based on merit, an end to chain migration, and a physical
barrier to increase security along the Southern border. These are doable and practical solutions
that are needed so that we can gain control of our border, and stop the massive influx of illegal
aliens coming into the country.

The duty of any sovereign nation is to first secure its borders, and this is not happening.
Our elected officials won’t even enforce the laws that are currently in place to manage illegal
immigration. Democrats are quick to label anyone who speaks out against illegal immigration a
racist. Most people believe in immigration, but immigration done the way that is laid out in our
laws. We have those in Congress, particularly on the Left, who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear
when it comes to the issue of immigration reform or measures to secure the border because they
simply cannot separate the message from the messenger even at the peril of our country.
President Donald Trump is the messenger most liberals can’t wrap their minds around even
though he was legitimately elected into office. For years now, President Trump has pushed the
issue of illegal immigration and the impact it has on the country because our country is
negatively impacted on many levels, particularly on social services, economics, national identity,
and security.

First, let’s address what should be a non-issue, which is what to call people who enter
America illegally. In recent years, there is growing debate and disagreement about what to call
people who enter our country illegally. Prior to the Trump administration, liberal Democrats and
liberal media had no problem using the terms “illegal aliens. There are many interviews and
speeches where past Presidents and politicians on both sides of the aisle have used these terms,
unapologetically. Now, due to the PC (politically correct) crowd it’s deemed a problem. Among
certain liberal organizations, advocacy groups, and other media outlets refuse to use the terms
“illegal aliens.” If anyone use the terms illegal aliens, one is labeled as insensitive or racist. This
is the attempt by the liberals to alter our reality and control the narrative. A federal law titled
“Aliens and Nationality” uses the terms “illegal aliens”, and at the same time, authorizes both
state and local law enforcement “to arrest and detain an individual who “is an alien illegally
present in the United States”. Furthermore, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant
Responsibility Act of 1996 uses the terms “illegal aliens.” Political correctness coming from the
radical left wants to change the way we describe people who are clearly in violation of the law. It
is a liberal attempt to force people to change the way they think to reflect their thinking. With
that in mind, no one would dare use the terms “anchor babies” to describe the children that are
intentionally planned and conceived in the United States, so they are automatic citizens, the
parents get to remain in the country, and thereby entitled to social services our taxes pay for. In
this article, illegal alien and illegal immigrants will be used interchangeably.

American citizens pay a heavy cost for those allowed to come to our country illegally
then benefit from our tax paying dollars. Illegal aliens who work often are paid under the table,
in cash, so they don’t pay federal taxes. Throughout America, hard-working men and women
have been laid off or cheated out of jobs because illegal aliens can bargain with employers for
lower wages and forego benefits. In an ever-changing, globalized world, low-wage jobs are often
lost to automation or illegal aliens, so unskilled and uneducated Americans are put out of work
for extended periods of time or they become chronically unemployed. Both unskilled white and
black Americans workers have most been negatively impacted by illegal immigrant labor.
President Trump wants an immigration system based on merit, which makes good economic
sense because the socio-economic class that dominates the immigrants coming in tend to be

Other ways we are negatively impacted on an economic level is housing illegal aliens.
According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the cost to maintain one adult
detention bed can cost upwards of 133.99 a day. Furthermore, the Department of Homeland
Security reported to keep mothers and children together in a family residential centers can cost as
much as $319 a day. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reported the estimated cost of incarcerating
criminal aliens is estimated at $1.5 to $1.6 billion per year, and that does not include the cost of
housing and feeding criminal aliens to state and local governments.

Many criminal aliens take advantage of the loopholes in our broken immigration system.
Many illegal criminals who should be deported are allowed back on the streets only to reoffend.
Between the years 2010 and 2015, the arrests include allegations of more than 1 million drug
crimes, a half-million assaults, 133,800 sex offenses and 24,200 kidnappings. Even more serious,
the imprisoned illegal immigrants, over a five-year period, had been arrested for 33,300
homicide-related offenses and 1,500 terrorism-related crimes. Illegal aliens who commit murder
and other heinous crimes have the same constitutional rights as full, lawful American citizens,
which is absurd. The tax paying American must not be made to spend hard earned money to
legally assist people who don’t belong here in the first place.

Those who advocate open borders will argue illegal aliens give more to our country than
they take. This kind of rhetoric is false and misleading. Illegal immigrants come with nothing
more than the clothes on their backs, but once they arrive inside the United States, they start
receiving assistance. Assistance ranging from health care to food assistance programs.
Remember too, when an illegal alien has a child born in the United States, that child is an
American citizen, and therefore, has the rights to government services such as welfare and
education.@ The word is out that if you go to America, you can get “free stuff.” We are
rewarding bad behavior. Hardworking, tax paying citizens must pay for people who break our
laws and show no respect for our country.

I remember having car problems and went to a mechanic in my hometown. The mechanic
told me he was from Mexico. I asked, how did he like living and working in my hometown. The
mechanic paused and thought for a moment, then said, “I’d rather be in Mexico, but there is no
work there.” I didn’t hear he was there because I like the values, culture or people. His
connection and my connection were not aligned. He did not have the memories of childhood,
family gatherings, school days to smile about nor a sense of the struggle that took place there, so
people like him can prosper. This immigrant shared none of the sentimental feelings I have for
my hometown. He did not have the historical connection, and I sensed he didn’t care about any
of that anyway. I left there feeling emotionally unsettled and with some sadness. I was concerned
about the future of my hometown, the legacy of those who fought for and made the city, and the
impact the changing demographics will eventually have on its history.

It is true America is made up of immigrants, but immigrants who wanted to assimilate and
become patriotic Americans. The recent wave of immigrants coming through the Southern
border exhibit no desire to learn to speak English or assimilate into our culture. School teachers
who speak Spanish in areas of the country with high concentrations of illegal aliens, are more
desirable and employable than those who don’t because most of their students don’t speak
English. The future of speaking only English in America may soon be a thing of the past because
most immigrant groups have higher fertility rates. Some Hispanic leaders in America advocate
America become a bilingual country emphasizing that English is not enough. This puts a lot of
qualified teachers to the back of the line. Sociologist, Morris Janowitz, observed an
unwillingness to assimilate when he wrote in 1983, that “Mexicans, together with other Spanish-
speaking populations, are creating a bifurcation in the social-political structure of the United
States that approximates nationality divisions…” The late political scientist, Samuel Huntington
added, “sustained numerical expansion promotes cultural consolidation and leads Mexican
Americans not to minimize but to glorify in the differences between their culture and the US
culture.” Huntington was prophetic in this sense. This is evident when you see on the news a
never-ending stream of people, waving the flag of the country they are fleeing. It would seem
one would be proudly waving the flag of the country that is accepting and providing you food,
shelter, and healthcare not the one you are fleeing. While I see nothing wrong with having
sentimental feelings toward your native land or cultural retention, your adopted homeland
deserves loyalty and respect for accepting and providing you and your family the freedom and
ability to pursue happiness.

The rate and volume illegal immigrants are entering our country, specifically, along the
Southern border is a national social and security threat. First, illegal aliens show a blatant
disregard for the laws and system we have in place for legal immigration, so the attitude to
violate more laws become easy. Porous borders allow unknown and known criminals to go back
and forth with ease and undetected. The wall must be built! Other civilized countries have
barriers and strict rules as it relates to immigration and illegal immigration, so why can’t we?
Democrats are hypocritical when it comes to the issue of the wall or any kind of barrier to secure
our borders. They are ok with other countries having barriers, but just not our own. This cannot

No doubt there is a crisis at our borders. There is a humanitarian crisis. Our antiquated
immigration laws need to be reform and rewritten to reflect modern day challenges. Our current
immigration policy has too many loopholes and to say it has shortcomings would be an
understatement. There is no vetting done to see where illegal alien’s allegiance lies. Some people
should not be allowed to get away with breaking the law while others who follow the rules are
pushed back to the end of the line. America claims to be a country of laws, but immigration must
be regulated. American citizens must be first. No immigrant or immigrant family should be
allowed any form of social assistance until nationalized or under rare life threatening extreme
circumstances. American employers must be penalized for hiring illegal immigrants, lose their
business license or face huge fines. We should not have to seek out facilities to detain the
thousands of illegal immigrants who are hellbent on forcing themselves into our country. Our
country should not be taken for granted. Our laws and systems must be respected. It must be
remembered much blood has been spilled and lives sacrificed for us to enjoy the freedom and
privileges we hold so dear. To become an American must be earned so the invasion must stop!

Annually, America allows more immigrants than any other country in the world. We are
also the most tolerant and diverse country in the world. Decade after decade our politicians have
refused to reform our broken immigration laws. Most countries where illegal aliens, and,
refugees, I might add, tend to come from countries where the leadership is corrupt and have little
regard for the welfare of its people, so poverty and violence runs rampant. From this perspective,
I am empathetic to the people wanting to cross the Southern Border. These countries must be
held accountable and do better by its citizens, so its citizens want to remain in their homeland,
stay with family, and not risk their lives to seek refuge in any country.

Illegal Immigration and its Impact on America

by Dr. Donna Briggins

From Democrat to Conservative

Copyright © Alabama Minority GOP.

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Dr. Donna Briggins currently works as a substance abuse counselor/life coach. She earned her Ph.D. in international affairs and development with a focus on gender and leadership development from Clark Atlanta University. She is an advocate of women’s leadership and empowerment and is currently working on her first book. For speaking engagements or workshops, please contact dbriggins4@gmail.com

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